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All of these articles are promoting what God is doing today. As with the move of God at the beginning of the last century, - I am relating to the Pentecostal revival - it was at first very misunderstood, but in truth it was an addition to what the then Christian Church had. But of course as with any new move of God it was misunderstood. There is a quote which I would like to share right now which explains the situation somewhat, :- “History has proven that new truth in any sphere, has always been regarded as HERESY before becoming the norm.” ~ 'Writer unknown.' This was proven in time as the 'Second' experience was in time accepted by the vast majority. I have mentioned the word 'Second' for a reason. In the Tabernacle of Moses, there were three Realms. Outer Court, Holy Place, & Most Holy Place. As we have mentioned the 'Second' Holy Place experience  equated to the Pentecostal experience..... The enclosed articles are all relating to the 'Third'  Most Holy Place experience. As with the Pentecostal experience which was misconstrued mostly because of misunderstandings or a lack of understanding, so it is today, what we are declaring is a plus on what we already have in the experience of the First & Second Realms. I would now like to finalise this introduction to these articles with another quote. Please take it in the spirit it is meant.  


There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, And which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.          


May God's richest blessings be yours & may the spirit of revelation also be upon you as you read these words that God has given me to share..... Your brother in Christ.

Ralph Knowles.

If after reading the articles, any unanswered questions that you may have. Please feel free to send me a message!

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Part 96 The So Called Elusive Veil!

Part 96. The Same Truth From A Different Perspective! To Know Again From The Beginning! Hidden Gems Easily Glossed Over! The So Called Elusive Veil! The Glorious Woman Giving Birth To The One Who Will Completely Overcome! A Man Child, A Corporate High Priest! A Verse Which Has Confused Many! All Truths Of Our Experience Are Found Within Ourselves! The Situation Concerning World Events Is Under God's Control! The Cherubim Over The Ark And Of Genesis Three, Are One And The Same! Imaginations! The Mystery Of Godliness! The Nearness Of Time! The So Called Elusive Veil!


Part 95 The Eldest Of A Great Family!

Part 95. Condemnation Or Realisation? The Greater Works Made Manifest In The Sons Of God! The Predestination Of All Things In Christ! The War Of Our Twins Concerning Our First-born Then Finally Our Spiritual Israel! The Birth-right! Our True Spiritual Israel! We Are All Now Made One In Christ Jesus! Without Beginning Or Ending Of Days! One After The Order Of Melchizedek! The Eldest In A Great Family!


Part 94. The Greatness Which Is Within Us All!

Part 94. The Shaking! God Has Made His Headquarters In Man! The Rebuilding Of The Tent Of David! The Price For Further Understanding! The Most Holy Place Concept Of The New Birth! The Greatness Which Is Within Us All!


Part 93. Lift Up Your Heads O You Gates!

Part 93. There Is Only One Power! Every Man Shall Have Praise Of God! Returning Once We Have Moved On! Further Hidden Proof Of Our Returning! The Thrill Of End Time Understanding! A Snippet Of Paul's Foreknowledge! The Seeming Contradiction To Some Concerning Strong Tradition! Known As We Are Known! Lift Up Your Heads O You Gates!

Part 92 The Blessing Of being Open To Change!

Part 92. Strong Tradition And Law As Opposed To Gods Grace! No Life In The Law! The Truth Of Our Original Son-ship Identity! The Lifting Up Of The Realisation Of Our True Identity! The New Wine Of The Kingdom! Realising The I Am! What Is The Only Thing That Will Truly Bring Us To The Fullness Of Our Most Holy Place Experience? The Enmity Between Flesh And Spirit ! Christ Is The First Begotten Of Many Children!

Part 91 He Who Dwells In The Secret Place!

Part 91. The Mystery That Concerns A Woman And A Man, Both Physical And Spiritual! God Never Ever Created A Separate Women, As Such! A Deception! Coming Out Of The Man And Returning Back To Where She Belongs! There Is Only One Power! Self Preservation Or Living In A High Place!

Graduating Through The Refining And Then Ministering In Both Realms Simultaneously! When Does This Begin To Be Realised! Saviours Shall Arise! Oh The Mystery Of His Plan!


Part 90 For In Him We Live And Move And Have Our Being!

Part 90. No Religion Or Culture Has A Monopoly On God! Bringing Us To A Higher Place Within Ourselves! The Force Of Compassion Is Causing Things To Happen! When I Became A Man I Put Away Childish Things! Justification To Both The Unbeliever And Believer For In God's Economy There Is No Difference! The Reality Of Christ As Opposed To The Reality Of This World! The Most Holy Place Understanding Of Not Forsaking Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves Together! The True Change Of Our Experience! For In Him We Live And Move And Have Our Being!


Part 89. The Kingdom Of Heaven, In Every Man!

Part 89. The Deceiving Ishmael Substitute As Opposed To Our Last Day Isaac Who Is The True And Only Son! Concerning Peter And Those And Those Already Fallen Asleep! Mixing The Old With The New! The Kingdom Of Heaven Or That Which Is From Above! A Word On The Infinity Of Our Father! You Have Not Chosen Me But I Have Chosen You! We Need To Be Dedicated By God Himself! Our Saviour Yeshuah Is Our Deliverer Even Our Jesus! Lazarus And His Sickness! The Judgement Of This World! The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against The True End Time Church! The Kingdom Of Heaven, In Every Man!

Part 88 From The Least To The Greatest!


Part 88. An Extract Of The First And Last Man! The Enigma Of The Destruction Of Judas! Before The Foundation Of This Present World! Sealing Up The Vision And Prophet! By Faith It Is Now The Time To Fully Embrace The New, And In Doing So We Will Soon Forget The Old! At Some Time A Man Must Leave His Father And His Mother! A Thought On Christmas! Just What Does The Veil Really Represent! God In His Male and Female Role As Both Father And Mother!

Part 87. That You May Marvel!

Part 87. A Changing Of The Former Order! The Fallacy Of Both Worlds! Our Resting Place In All Generations! There Will Never Be A Fulfilment Of The Covenant Until There Is A People Who First Become The Covenant! The Age Of Aquarius! That You May Marvel!