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All of these articles are promoting what God is doing today. As with the move of God at the beginning of the last century, - I am relating to the Pentecostal revival - it was at first very misunderstood, but in truth it was an addition to what the then Christian Church had. But of course as with any new move of God it was misunderstood. There is a quote which I would like to share right now which explains the situation somewhat, :- “History has proven that new truth in any sphere, has always been regarded as HERESY before becoming the norm.” ~ 'Writer unknown.' This was proven in time as the 'Second' experience was in time accepted by the vast majority. I have mentioned the word 'Second' for a reason. In the Tabernacle of Moses, there were three Realms. Outer Court, Holy Place, & Most Holy Place. As we have mentioned the 'Second' Holy Place experience  equated to the Pentecostal experience..... The enclosed articles are all relating to the 'Third'  Most Holy Place experience. As with the Pentecostal experience which was misconstrued mostly because of misunderstandings or a lack of understanding, so it is today, what we are declaring is a plus on what we already have in the experience of the First & Second Realms. I would now like to finalise this introduction to these articles with another quote. Please take it in the spirit it is meant.  


There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, And which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.          


May God's richest blessings be yours & may the spirit of revelation also be upon you as you read these words that God has given me to share..... Your brother in Christ.

Ralph Knowles.

If after reading the articles, any unanswered questions that you may have. Please feel free to send me a message!

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Part 85 The Dilution Of Truth!

Part 85. The Fallacy Of Duality! Seeing Is Believing, Or Believing Is Seeing! Believing Is Seeing! The Harsh Difficult Deception That Plagued Abraham! A Surprising Answer Is Available To An Oft Wondered Passage! The Dilution Of Truth!


Part 84 Blessed Are The Eyes That Can Really See Me!!

Part 84. Swallowed Up! As The Father Is Self Existent, So Has He Given To The Corporate Son! Releasing And Claiming Our True Birthright! Life In Himself! Blessed Are The Eyes That Can Really See Me! Sons Of Abraham, Come Out And Look Up! A Divine Intervention! A Metamorphosis Of Love! Blessed Are The Eyes That Can Really See Me!


Part 83 The Third Part!

Part 83. The Two Are Becoming One! A Perfection For All! The Eventual Outcome For The People Of All Nations As Regards The Feast Of Tabernacles! The Eagle Nature Of God! Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory! Michael The Chief Archangel! Only One Man Could Break Through! The Final Destiny Of All Nations! The End Of All Flesh As We Have Known It!


Part 82. Anointing The Holy Of Holies!

. The High Purpose Of The Anointing! Our Full Salvation! A Prophecy For This Day And Age! The Role Of Michael In Exposing The Dragon! Therefore Shall A Man Leave His Father And Mother! The Power Of An Endless And Indestructible Life! The City Of Melchizedek! Anointing The Holy Of Holies!


Part 81 The True Origin And Meaning Of Lucifer

Part 81. Lucifer In Truth According To Ezekiel! A Dissolving, A Separation Must Occur! Following Our Christ Revealing Foundation! The Sunrise That Is Bringing In The Perfect Day! The True Origin And Meaning Of Lucifer!


Part 80 The Veil Has Been Rent!

Part 80. The Veil! No One Will Be Banished From Their True Identity! A Star From Jacob And A Sceptre Out Of Israel! The Glory Of The Latter! What Is A Paradigm-shift! Coming Out Before Going In! The Casting Out Of An Age Old Delusion! Must God Have An Opposite! For God So Loved That He Gave! The Veil Has Been Rent!


Part 79 A Heart That Is Within!

Part 79. The Full Reinstatement Of All Mankind! The True Identity Of The Snake! The Eating From The Tree! Arabia In The Wilderness! Wise Words From A Sage! The Ark Of The Covenant Within Ourselves! A Wonderful Child Is Born! The Resurrection Of Truth! Is God In And Through All Things? The Seeming Reality Of A Delusion! We Are Being Judged Into A Higher Realm!


Part 78 It Is Finished!

Part 78. If I Be Lifted Up From The World! The Age Of Aquarius! The True Identity Of The Angel Of The Lord! Who Is Coming And Whose Voice Will He Use? Christ In His Numerous Theophanies! The Truth Of The War Of Man's True Enemy! As Long As The Inheritor Is A Child! A Light From On High! It Is Now Time To Change Tents! He Brought Me Into A Large Place!

Part 77 In Reality, In Christ The Sins Of The Sins Of The World Have Been Taken Away!

Part 77. A Higher Understanding Than Aphesis, Is ACQUITTAL! An Open Hearted Higher Way! Facts Concerning Johns Death And Subsequent Existence! A True Experience Of Faith And Trust! Chosen! I Will Then Know Fully My True Corporate Identity! The Religiosity Of The World Is Now Being Laid Bare! The Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth! God Has Everything Under Control!

Part76 The Full Salvation Will Seek You Out!

For God Has Consigned All Men To Disobedience! The Perishable Putting On The Imperishable! Jerusalem's Role In The Plan Of God Today! A Multitude Minus Three Hundred! Being In Two Realms At The Same Time! Gideon! Who Or What Can Hinder The Will Of God! The Full Salvation Is Certainly Seeking You Out!