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All of these articles are promoting what God is doing today. As with the move of God at the beginning of the last century, - I am relating to the Pentecostal revival - it was at first very misunderstood, but in truth it was an addition to what the then Christian Church had. But of course as with any new move of God it was misunderstood. There is a quote which I would like to share right now which explains the situation somewhat, :- “History has proven that new truth in any sphere, has always been regarded as HERESY before becoming the norm.” ~ 'Writer unknown.' This was proven in time as the 'Second' experience was in time accepted by the vast majority. I have mentioned the word 'Second' for a reason. In the Tabernacle of Moses, there were three Realms. Outer Court, Holy Place, & Most Holy Place. As we have mentioned the 'Second' Holy Place experience  equated to the Pentecostal experience..... The enclosed articles are all relating to the 'Third'  Most Holy Place experience. As with the Pentecostal experience which was misconstrued mostly because of misunderstandings or a lack of understanding, so it is today, what we are declaring is a plus on what we already have in the experience of the First & Second Realms. I would now like to finalise this introduction to these articles with another quote. Please take it in the spirit it is meant.  


There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, And which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.          


May God's richest blessings be yours & may the spirit of revelation also be upon you as you read these words that God has given me to share..... Your brother in Christ.

Ralph Knowles.

If after reading the articles, any unanswered questions that you may have. Please feel free to send me a message!

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Part 71. The Indestructilble Gold!

  Iniquities And Sicknesses!     The Lifting Up Of The Holy One Of Israel Even Jesus Christ!   Now The Lord Is That Spirit!    The Indestructible Gold!    There Came A Time For Joseph!    The Opening Of The Prison!    God Devises Means That His Banished Be Not Expelled From Him!    The Indestructible Gold, Can Never Be Destroyed!

Part 70. The Deliverance On Mount Zion!

  Moving Into Reality!    A Fading Glory Always Designates A New Thing!    A New Covenant!     The Complete Restoration Of All Things!     Sin And Sickness!     James And Peter!     This Is All Part Of The Deliverance Which Is Happening On Mt Zion!

Part 69. The End Of The Day Of The Sword!

  Setting Creation Free!    I Will Perfect That Which Concerns You!     Killed By The Sword!     An Extract From The Dead Sea Scrolls!     The Evolution Of Increasing Revelation!     The Sword With A Twist!     Come The Hour Comes The Man!     What Is Our True Spiritual Status!     Raising Our Thinking!     Availing Ourselves Of All His Benefits!     The End Of The Day Of The Sword!

Part 68. God's Alive In Every Man!

 Spiritual Apartheid!    Winning!    Where Are You Living? Follow And I Will Show You!    The Goal Of Christ For Every Man! Is The Opening Of Our Prison Of Duality & Uncertainty!     The Future!    The Language Of The Early Church!    Come Up A Little Higher!    The New Birth!   God Is Alive In Every Man!

Part 67. The Best Will Be Last!

  Our Full Heritage In Christ!     That Which We Truly Are!     Overcoming The Delusion!     I And My Father Are One!     In That Day!     Breaking The Sound Barrier!     What Is A Paradigm Shift!     What Would Our Change Up Entail In This Paradigm Shift!     Who Are The Offspring Of God!     The Changing Of Our Preconceived Mindsets!     God Has Not Yet Finalised The New Thing!     The Grace Of God!     There Is No Doubt The Best Has Been Left Till Last!   

Part 66. Humanism As Opposed To Godliness!

Seated In The Kingdom Proclaiming Himself As God!     I Am Right And You Are Wrong!    And One Sat On The Throne!    If We Would All Not To Judge Until We Are Free From Faults And Failings!     The Policy Plan And Effectiveness Of Melchisedec!    A Utopian World In Christ!     To What Extent Is Our Relationship In Christ!     Allowing Our Godliness To Take Possession Within Our Temple!     The Prince Of Peace Must First Be Prince Of Strife!     The Gold!

Part 65 The Kingdom Of God Is Within You!

The Kingdom One Or Many! The Adamic Dream! A Popular Theory Of Contradiction! Disruptions! Eternity Has Been Planted In Every Man's Heart! A Shaking! No Leftovers In This Last Shaking! The Kingdom Is Christ Within!


Part 64. For In Him We Have Our Being!

Condemnation As opposed To Unity! Neither Does One Thrust Upon Another! Look Up And Live! The Lord Stood In The Way As A Saw-tawn Against Him! Who Then In Reality, Is This Adversary? Balaam Needed To Look Up! Looking Even Higher! When? Now! What Is The Name Of Your True Identity! The Best Of Both Worlds!

Part 63. Building The New Jeruslalem!

  That We All Might Be One! God Hides Himself Where? The Rebuilding Of The Tabernacle Of David! Come Let Us Return! God Is Not A Man That He Should Lie! The Promise Of The Man-child! From the Purest To The Contaminated! The Dilemma Of A Seeming Contradiction! Joseph A True Forerunner Of The Man-child! Jacob! The Angel Of The Lord And Seeing God Face To Face! Joseph The Forerunner!

Part 62. The Shadow Of Death!

  Our Thinking Must Be Raised! Another Instance Confirming The Destruction Of Adam! All Of This Is Working For Us A Far Greater And Eternal Weight Of Glory! Good Enough! Is This The Man That Made The Earth To Tremble! The Adamic Death Is To Be Swallowed Up In Victory!