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Part 9 the Tabernacle of David.

   This is a subject not greatly discussed or written about, simply because it has not been understood by the majority of believers. Contrary to the opinion of most, it has not yet come into manifestation, simply because it is to be realised inwardly first & then it will be observed outwardly. One of the main reasons that we have not observed it in many is for the simple reason that the Ark in David's Tabernacle was completely separated from the Holy Place & the Outer Court & until we are willing to do that in our thinking, we are never going to fulfil this type.

Part 46. ''The Church's False Hope''

  This article contains, ''What About The Rapture'' ''Is It Scripturally Correct'' ''The True Rapture Is Every Man In His Own Order'' ''It Has Always Been In God's Plan To Have Forerunners'' ''Using The Three Hundred Or The Minority Group'' ''Ascending In The Cloud'' ''All Mysteries To Be Made Known'' ''Heaven Bound Creatures''

Part.21. "The Man of Sin"

"Oh For the God of Elijah" etc

   This is two page essay for those who are needing encouragement on the  

subject of Divine healing & are wondering what is the Bible stance on the subject.

Part.21. "The Man of Sin"

The Third Realm understanding regarding the Temple in 2Thess. 2. And who is actually sitting in Temple.

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