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Part 24. "A Man after Gods own heart.


   Helping to find a balance in our Third Day understanding, as to our Christ Identity.

Part. 25. "FAITH"


     Right now as never before, I believe that God is wanting to increase our FAITH.

Part 4 "Blameless in His sight even Above Reproach"

What Christ accomplished at the Cross was for the whole of mankind & all are blameless in his sight. Once we realise this the barrier between God &...

We are God's temple! Also God has provided that we are also blameless! But to come into that realisation, we need to humble ourselves 'repent' & take advantage of His provision. Which is found in Jesus Christ. See what you think?

Part 29. "Into His Very Own Image."

  Being made into His own Image even the full stature of Christ. Metamorphosed. The truth regarding I Am He. Free will & destiny, & the realising of our True Identity by ALL.

Part 5. "Breaking the Bondage of Error is in Knowing the Truth"

The true identity of the serpent in Gen 1:1. Plus bringing to light truth as found in a 'Third Realm Awareness' not often revealed. Take a read & let me know if you enjoy it.

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