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Part 28. "A Resurrection of Life & of Judgement.

A Third Realm explanation of the John 5:28-29 Resurrection & Judgements. The two becoming One from the Book of Thomas. Dwelling in the Secret Place. The Life is in the Blood.

Part 11. "A New Phase, Incorruption"

God is right now in the process of doing a new thing. He is in the process of changing WILLING loving believers to a new & greater phase of thinking & understanding.

Part 12. "Our Reigning King"

We have a King who is Reigning & we do not really realise it. His greatest desire is to Reign not only on this Earth; "The earth is the Lord's & the fullness thereof" but in our hearts that are freely given to Him in LOVE.

Part 13, "Come up Higher"

This study is showing that there is right now a higher realm for Christians to upgrade to, than what is right now taught in most Churches. Many are right now wondering, is there more? Yes there most certainly is! Take a read & see what you think. RWK.

Part 14. "I and My Father are One"

 When Jesus said that "I & My Father are One" He was not meaning this for Himself alone. There was a far deeper meaning. For in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. we are told that he that overcomes shall sit with Me on My throne, even as I am also sit down with My Father on His throne!!! What was He meaning?

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