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Part 28. "A Resurrection of Life & of Judgement.

A Third Realm explanation of the John 5:28-29 Resurrection & Judgements. The two becoming One from the Book of Thomas. Dwelling in the Secret Place. The Life is in the Blood.

Part.27. "The Will of Man, The Will of God."

This is showing the Third Realm understanding of the clean & unclean. An exposition on the City of God & answering the question; What body does Jesus have today?

Part. 26. "The Fellowship of His Sufferings"


   '' This article is partly relating to ourselves entering into His sufferings also 

Pauls sufferings, "His thorn in the flesh", "The Man of our Mistaken Identity" &

"Is the Feud Over"?

"A Prophecy of the Past" Given in 1679.

    To those who are interested this is a Prophecy given in 1679, relating exactly where certain members of the called out ones are today & will be in the future. To me, a very wonderful document. PROPHECY GIVEN IN 1679. AD “There shall be a total full redemption by Christ. This is a hidden mystery, not to be understood without the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

'A Third Day Awareness Concept"

    A Rising Out From Law & Condemnation __ A Third Day Awareness Concept To the Ekklesia A Rising Out From Law & Condemnation And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam & while he slept, He took one of his ribs or part of his side & closed up the [place with] flesh. [Gen 2: 21 Amp] The word deep according to Strongs is from t

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